2018 Press:
Interview and feature on Vehlinggo

Premiere of “Radar Lovin” video on EARMILK


KEXP Radio
“Upon initial listen, immediately evident are those fantastic 80′s synths; no doubt Jim Smith did a fair amount of New Order listening growing up. But retro isn’t the only name of the game; listeners of today’s featured song, “Dark Passenger”, are sure to hear the New Order influence, but they’re just as likely to think of electronic contemporaries like The XX and chill-wave crafters like Washed Out and Toro Y Moi. If you have a pension for this type of European/electro dream-pop, you need to look no further than Teeel. This is an artist we’ll be paying close attention to.”
-KEXP Radio

The Owl Mag
Teeel’s second album, University Heights, showcases Smith’s knowledge that great songs should be built on the bones of strong melodies, the meat of catchy hooks. The songs are strong enough to appeal to music fans who may usually steer away from any genre with “wave” in its name. With sharp, sometimes icy synthwork and dark, foreboding guitars, University Heights manages to reference the past while still looking to the future.
- The Owl Mag

Smith’s song structuring is masterful. His tracks even harken back to the ’80s in terms of layout and layers, something that truly keeps other synth-pop groups from sounding as if they were born and bred in the epoch they draw from.
- psvangaurd

“Each of the nine tracks featured on teeel’s first full length release incorporates a brilliant mix of reverberating synths, washed out vocals and steady beats to produce a sound that has a deep, tidal rhythm to it. Smith produces a distinctive form of dreampop that makes you feel like you’ve been sucked into some kind of sci-fi, electronic time warp.”
- Thomas Adam Curry

What’s Protocol
“Jim Smith, the sole-creator behind the dark and dreamy synth-pop that is TEEEL, is a tireless man. One who has many, many tricks up his sleeve. While one minute he’s executing a fabulous remix, the next he’s dishing out press releases for the latest talent he locks in on for his own record label, Synthemesc.”
- What’s Protocol

“What Smith manages to understand is how, despite the dark trappings and minor chords, the best synth bands still manage to create a thin and airy environment for one to cry all over their creepers. Tracks like “Dark Passenger” and “Sweet Camero” are pure keyboard bliss, instrumental at their heart, with just enough Panda Bear in the vocals to appeal the kiddies. “Black Diamonds” is easily the best track on the thirty minute album, much darker in nature and closer to the proto-industrial of Canadian wave pioneers Moev.”
- Mishka Blogin

One Track Mind
“Atop this spacious base, Smith builds a nest of different synthesizer tracks: one to hammer home a digital bass line, one to provide the track’s melodic thrust, and a third to shimmer across the surface like a shifting pattern of refracted light. Smith’s vocals are understated and given the effective (although admittedly rather expected) treatment of delay and reverb effects; even if it isn’t a surprising tactic, there can be no denying it is a good fit. “Triangle Waves” floats along like a dream if you’ll allow it to but it can also hold you in rapt attention, too.”
- One Track Mind

Dogs Twelve
“Just have to make it clear there is not one song on this I do not love, a mixture of Com Truise’s rigid drum beats and 80′s synths and something reminiscent of Twin Shadow with the vocals and sparse guitar. Really glad with how this turned out. And please, if you like this, consider buying it on iTunes or wherever, this guy really deserves it.”
- Dogs Twelve

Fred Hystere
“Teeel is the recording moniker of New Jersey-based solo artist, Jim Smith. To say I’ve been obsessed with Teeel’s debut album, Amulet, would be an understatement. He describes his sound as hypnotic soft-vocal, synthpop, which I’d say is pretty spot-on. Appropriately all of Teeel’s music is made in a 10 x 10 teal painted room and sites the 80s new wave movement as one of his major influences. Difficult to pick a favorite song on Amulet but, being the huge New Order fan that I am, I’m going to have to go with Galilean Moons.”
- Fred Hystere

The Needle Drop
“After cruising through most of the tracks here, this thing definitely feels like a much-needed fusion between the sounds of Toro Y Moi and New Order–but that’s just one man’s opinion.”
-The Needle Drop

“Smith’s production skill is exemplary – he has the sickly smarts of recent wunderkind Toro Y Moi or Flying Lotus in his well-honed sound, and while he might be using this to create music that was probably perfected almost twenty five years ago, it gives the songs an odd sheen that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Well worth diving in to”

Liquid Jesus
“Crafting sugary-sweet and deliriously enjoyable tracks that are heavily influenced by, and reminiscent of, ’80s new wave and dreamy electro-pop… What more could you ask for? Oh yeah – how about top-notch synth-pop production and gorgeous artwork to compliment the equally sublime music contained within… How ’bout that?”
- Liquid Jesus Music

Pasta Prima
“New Jersey’s Teeel (aka Jim Smith) has crashed his towering synth skyscraper into this vast chillwave ocean sending a hazy new wave tsunami crashing into the shores of my auditory cortex. Sorry, but its about to happen to you too:”
-Pasta Prima.net

The Up Turn
“The result is pretty stellar and is definitely something for fans of Baths, Toro y Moi and Neon Indian. His album AMULET is filled with solid tracks that I can’t wait to spend more time listening to and really diving into the album”
-The Up Turn

“I think Teeel sticks out for me because he went the hi-fi route and everything isn’t dragged thru the tape hiss(gods knows that isn’t a bad thing) but you can tell he’s comfortable with a clear output which is a breathe of fresh air”

Pop in Stereo
Amulet is a debut album any artist would be proud of. While almost every track is great, the albums strongest moment comes in the song “Galilean Moons”, an infectious synthpop tune that seems to draw inspiration from the best New Order has to offer. Strong production elevates the majority of the tracks, with waves of synthesizers and drums machines to complete the albums cohesive sound. Each song moves easily into the next, creating a fluid collection that’s easy to get lost in.With the exception of possibly leaving the listener wanting more, nothing negative can be said about Amulet”
- Pop In Stereo

“Jim Smith AKA Teeel is an outstanding electronica / chill-wave / Synth-pop genius musician who makes absolutely breathtaking music. You need to get his music pronto it just might change your life.”

We Speak Easily
“Not to be mistaken as a copycat, this debut effort is something of a modern Tangerine Dream. Each of the songs on this record evolve into the next, never failing to keep you guessing as to if you’ve started the next track. It’s currently the driving force behind my lack of slumber party and I recommend a similar relaxed setting”
- We Speak Easily

The Cream Team
“The one-man project of Jim Smith, Teeel’s debut LP professes a nostalgic love for the synthesizer, via compositions that combine the barely Balearic, Italo disco and new wave. Trying everything together are Smith’s drowsy vocals that roll lazily amongst the beats. Fans of indie pop and drone electronica alike will find common ground with Amulet.”
- Cream Team

Quater Life Party
“It is nice to hear different takes on the style rather than what could be the same song over and over again. In comes TEEEL, who steps back from that bleached-out sound and creates “Chill-Wave” that has more of a pulse and is probably more influenced by italo-disco.”
- Quarter Life Party

Surfing on Steam
“The debut album from Teeel (Jim Smith) is entitled Amulet and is one of the better demonstrations of fully-realized electronic pop inspired by new wave for a generation of new wavers.”
- Surfing on Steam

MP3 Hugger
“Teeel is Jim Smith’s new creation from the current century and with his LP ‘Amulet’ out on Moongadget next month ‘Triangle Waves’ is the perfect introduction. The bulging synths are one thing but when combined with Smith’s digitized persona it makes for a heady mix.”
- MP3 Hugger

Bad Fotography
“This is my Saturday afternoon music. It’s freezing cold outside but the sun’s come out and everything’s really still and quiet where I am. Teeel‘s music is perfect this.”
- Bad Fotography

The Skeleton Crew Quarterly
“Teeel’s full-length debut snowballs with each track, challenging several of chill-wave’s elite contributions”
- The Skeleton Crew Quarterly

“The softly spoken, but at times ominous sounding vocals reverberate through your body as shimmering synths collide with lumbering basses. While relatively eclectic, one thing that seems omnipresent in Smith’s work is a solid groove. Every single song on the EP is something that would make you feel like one cool ass motherfucker whilst walking down the street to.”
- BeardRock

Gazer Beam
“Moodgadget posted this on Soundcloud yesterday, and I was finally able to give it a listen, and wow. the whole album is phenomenal.”
-Gazer Beam