I had the opportunity to meet up with Josh at YNOT radio to play a few live tracks, talk shop about music, movies and more along with sharing some of my favorite Philly artists.

Design + Conquer Electro Collection Preview from DESIGN + CONQUER on Vimeo.

Jim Smith—aka Teeel—is this month’s Guest Conqueror! The 80s-loving electronic music producer/songwriter from New Jersey collaborated with Design + Conquer on our Electro collection Teaser video [see video above], and inspired our Marx earring design. A self-proclaimed marathon movie watcher and gear head, Jim creates music that ranges from hypnotic vocal synthpop to dreamwave and dark electronic rock. He is often inspired by the 1980s new wave movement.

In celebration of Jim’s electro-tastic [yes, we've created a new word for the occasion] we’re giving away a pair of DC Marx earrings. Share this blog post via Facebook or Twitter, and you’re entered. The winner will chosen at random, and will be announced October 1, 2012, on Design + Conquer’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Entries can be from anywhere in the world.

Hop in your DeLorean, and Pump Teeel’s Guest Conqueror playlist by clicking here.

New music is essential to the creative minds at the NOOKA Lab, so it is no surprise that our techno-progressivist designs are popular with musicians in the pop, dance, and electronic music space. The marriage of the two brings you NOOZIK—a 14-song compilation featuring 12 original tracks from Synth Records, a collab remix track with Vanessa and the contest winner “SINEWAVE”. Inspired by NOOKA’s core values, the electronic beats, undulating synth lines, and dreamy vocals stimulate the mind and are available as a free download below!

Feel free to stream each track below or download the entire album here and be sure to pre-order Nooka’s GLOW collection before it releases!

“Swoon over it’s majestic beauty. Melt to the everlasting color of it’s dreamy, space-thumping goodness. We could not be more thrilled to be involved in this extremely special addition to our growing cassette library. As our most comprehensive release to date, this one is not to be missed. Pressed on super rare solid blue cassette tapes, these will be flying off the shelves, so don’t delay! ” – PURR TAPES


“Jim Smith works in a 10-by-10 foot guest bedroom in his Ewing Township ranch home, where the musician is enveloped by walls of guitars and synths. He painted the walls teal, then decided to actually name himself Teeel. Smith prefers analog synthesizers to layman-friendly computer programs for the nostalgia factor. He says he does his best work late at night in between seasons. A murky ambience casts a shadow on Teeel’s albums “Amulet” and “University Heights.” Read the entire article HERE

“The home studio born product of classic horror film worship, italo inspiration, electro love – and let’s face it, a brilliant sense of musical depth and texture – 2011’s synthified mini masterpiece, Amulet garnered the attention of electronic music fans everywhere, influential radio stations (KEXP Song of The Day), countless blogs and zines (ahem) and anyone who heard good things when they first listened to Teeel.” Discosalt Magazine

Download Issue 3 of Discosalt Magazine from iTunes for a FREE Synth Records compilation, interview with TEEEL and more!

Synth Records Compilation

Ian McGlynn – Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL Remix)

Ian McGlynn’s passionate vocal delivery makes for the prefect companion to TEEEL’s dreamy synthetic soundscapes. The reverb washed, almost Chillwavey, vocals lend themselves well to a quirky ElectroPop style, and a quirky ElectroPop style is what TEEEL delivers. By now we’ve heard enough TEEEL to look forward to his emotional synthesizer work, live sounding electronics played with feeling, and with this reMix he wraps up Ian McGlynn’s track in a cocoon of buzzing synths and cosmic melodies. TEEEL and Ian McGlynn deliver a wonderfully heartfelt peice of electronic music here. Perfect for lazy summer nights.”

“The single is taken from Ian McGlynn’s forthcoming album Now We’re Golden, which is slated for release on June 5, 2012 via Bailey Park Records. Teeel, who I first mentioned back in February of last year when he released his amazing debut album, Amulet, does not disappoint with his remix of “Gold Morning Mend”.

SXSW / Austin, Texas

March 9, 2012

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS on CD with Digital Download